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What We Do

Clustering & Filtering

Our advanced clustering techniques group similar topics together and we filter data for PII, language, duplicates, perplexity, quality, complexity, diversity etc. to ensure only high-quality samples are used.

Synthetic Datasets

Synthetic data is the future. We leverage cutting edge techniques to create quality synthetic dataset tailored for your usecase.


We fine-tune models on the high quality datasets to achieve superior performance.

What we do
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Unlock the full potential of AI without breaking the bank. By focusing on smaller, specialized models tailored for your specific use case and trained on meticulously curated, high-quality datasets, you can achieve results that rival or even surpass those of expensive, multipurpose large language models.

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Community Work

Indic Chat

Indic Chat is a Chat UI running LLMs trained on Indic languages to collect real world open source datasets. We are working to expand this as Arena for Indic LLMs Benchmarking.


We have trained Gajendra a Hindi-Hinglish-English Large Language Model to foster unique needs of India.


We have translated, scraped and created synthetic datasets for Hindi to train Indic LLMs. Explore Indic Datasets.

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Join our discord community dedicated to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of ideas between AI developers and researchers for accelerating Indic Language Models.